4.990 ISK

Sako7 Mondrian v1.0 0100622843

One of the most celebrated styles and design is Mondrian. Using the primary colors: Red, Blue and Yellow.

This color and style was adopted by the famous La Vie Claire Professional Cycling Team from the 80’s. This team included 5 times Tour de France winner Bernard Hinault and SAKO’s favorite cyclist of all time Greg LeMond. This series of socks is a celebration of Mondrian, the eighties and one of the greatest Tours of all time. The 1986 Tour de France.

Veldu tegund

  • 36-39.5/White ( uppselt ) 4.990 ISK
  • 40-42.5/White ( uppselt ) 4.990 ISK
  • 43-45.5/White ( uppselt ) 4.990 ISK
  • 46+/White ( uppselt ) 4.990 ISK
  • 36-39.5/Black 4.990 ISK
  • 40-42.5/Black 4.990 ISK
  • 43-45.5/Black 4.990 ISK
  • 46+/Black 4.990 ISK
  • Global leader, Sako7socks, have premium qualities that set us apart including:
  • A high thread and stitch count, for premium long lasting socks
  • Excellent ventilation and breath-ability to take you the distance
  • A no slip 6″ cuff for that perfect fit around the ankle area. Form fitting perfection.
  • Proprietary yarn retains color fastness wash after wash. They will look as bold now as they will a year from now! Literally.
  • So, for all those who like to ride ’em high and look amazing in the process, Sako7socks are no doubt for you!