4.490 ISK

Finger Jacket 0100623559

The HIRZL FINGER JACKET is a final layer glove, which is usually only worn in combination with other gloves. The backhand material is water- and wind repelling. The reason for the hole on the palm side is to still take advantage of the HIRZL GRIPPP™ technology.

 The lobster cut and the lined backhand keeps the fingers warm, also the material is very thin and comfortable to wear.

FEATURES Microfleece thumb wipe, Pull-on system, Silicone grip patches, Lobster cut, Grip hole, Embroidered lining

Veldu tegund

  • S 4.490 ISK
  • M 4.490 ISK
  • L 4.490 ISK
  • XL 4.490 ISK
  • Polyester 97%, Spandex 2%, Silicone 1%