22.990 ISK

Stuttbuxur Pro BIB FS260 Dömu 0100621317

Veldu tegund

  • S 22.990 ISK
  • M 22.990 ISK
  • L 22.990 ISK
  • XS 22.990 ISK
  • Performance supportive stretch fabric with durable exterior and fast wicking inner
  • Women’s 600-Series antibacterial stretch pad
  • Unique drop-seat (DS) zipped construction on thighs that allows access for comfort breaks on the move
  • Light-weight mesh upper bibs with high-cut back which leads straps down the side of the torso for maximum comfort on the female form
  • Selectively flatlocked seams for comfort
  • Broad silicone hem gripper prevents unsightly over-compression on thigh
  • Lycra bound armholes
  • Reflective thigh logos
  • SPF 50+